Job Application

Full-stack web developer

Jetweb, a small-scale web development company (web sites and web applications), is looking for a full stack web developer with both front-end and back-end proficiency. This is a full-time position at our offices in Ramat Hahayal in Tel Aviv.

The ideal candidate to join our team: You have a solid understanding of programming foundations such as basic data structures, classes, references and debugger usage. You also have a strong background in engineering best-practices like testing, source control, and agile planning and estimations. You can work independently on projects, finding the right balance between persevering on a problem and asking for help. You are able to work directly with clients and have good communication skills.


  • Degree in Computer Science
  • 2+ years of proven professional experience
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Solid experience with PHP and Node.js
  • Ability to write good SOLID code
  • Ability to design features (High-level design and Low-level design)
  • Communicative, pragmatic, quick learner
  • Good English
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